Special Issue on the December 26, 2006 Pingtung Offshore Earthquakes

TAO, Taiwan , ROC - December, 2008
Guest Editors: Kuo-Fong Ma and Wen-Tzong Liang
TAO corresponding editor: Chiou-Feng Hsieh


Supplemental Material/ Data Notes
Complied and edited by Wen-Tzong Liang

Special Issue content




Kuo-Fong Ma and Wen-Tzong Liang


Initial Rupture Processes of the 2006 Pingtung Earthquake from near Source Strong Motion Records(PT013)

Bor-Shouh Huang, Yi-Ling Huang, Shiann-Jong Lee, Yue-Gau Chen and Juen-Shi Jiang


Source Mechanisms and Rupture Processes of the 26 December 2006 Pingtung Earthquake Doublet as Determined from the Regional Seismic Records(PT010)


Shiann-Jong Lee, Wen-Tzong Liang and Bor-Shouh Huang


Slip Partition of the 26 December 2006 Pingtung, Taiwan (M6.9, M6.8) Earthquake Doublet Determined from Teleseismic Waveforms(PT009)


Yin-Tung Yen, Kuo-Fong Ma and Yi-Ying Wen


Investigation of Source Depths of the 2006 Pingtung Earthquake Sequence Using a Dense Array at Teleseismic Distances(PT014)

Yi-Ru Chen, Ya-Chuan Lai, Yi-Ling Huang, Bor-Shouh Huang and Kuo-Liang Wen


Earthquake Doublet Sequences: Evidence of Static Triggering in the Strong Convergent Zones of Taiwan(PT005)


Cheng-Horng Lin, Yih-Hsiung Yeh, Kuang-Jung Chen and Shin-Chieh Pu


Strong-Motion Data from the Two Pingtung, Taiwan, Earthquake of 26 December, 2006 (PT002)


Chien-Fu Wu, William H. K. Lee and David M. Boore


Damage and Ground Motion of the 26 December 2006 Pingtung Earthquakes, Taiwan(PT012)

Kou-Liang Wen, Yu-Wen Chang, Che-Min Lin Hsien-Jen Chiang and Ming-Wei Huang


Long-Period Ground Motion Observations along Two Linear Profiles from the 26 December 2006 Pingtung Offshore Earthquakes(PT018)

Kou-Cheng Chen, Jeen-Hwa Wang and Ta-Liang Teng


Mapping VS30 in Taiwan(PT017)


Chyi-Tyi Lee* and Bi-Ru Tsai


Coseismic Surface GPS Displacement and Ground Shaking Associated with the 2006 Pingtung Earthquake Doublet,Offshore Southern Taiwan(PT008)


Horng-Yue Chen, Jian-Cheng Lee, Long-Chen Kuo, Shui-Beih Yu and Chi-Ching Liu


Earthquakes Probabilities and Energy Characteristics of Seismicity Offshore Southwest Taiwan(PT003)


Po-Fei Chen, Andrew V. Newman, Tso-Ren Wu and Ching-Ching Lin


Numerical Study on Tsunamis Excited by 2006 Pingtung Earthquake Doublet(PT007)


Tso-Ren Wu, Po-Fei Chen,Wu-Ting Tsai and Guan-Yu Chen


Earthquake Swarm Recorded by an Ocean Bottom Seismic Array in Southwest Offshore of Taiwan  in October, 2005(PT019)


Emmy T.Y. Chang, L.Y. Chiao, Shu-Kun Hsu and Chao-Shing Lee


Seismic tomography off SW Taiwan: a Joint Inversion from OBS and Onshore Data of 2006 Pingtung Aftershocks(PT021)


Yen-Che Liao, Shu-Kun Hsu, Chien-Hsing Chang, Wen-Bin Doo, Mei-Yi Ho, Chung-Liang Lo and Chao-Shing Lee


Precursory Seismic Activation of the Pingtung(Taiwan) Offshore Doublet Earthquakes on 26 December 2006: A Pattern Informatics Analysis(PT004)


Yi-Hsuan Wu, Chien-chih Chen and John B. Rundle


Seismo-Ionospheric Precursors of the 26 December 2006 M7.0 Pingtung Earthquake Doublet(PT015)


Jann-Yenq Liu, Sen-Wen Chen, Yao-Chun Chen, Horng-Yuan Yen, Chung-Pai Chang, Wen-Yen Chang, Lung-Chih Tsai, Chia-Hung Che and Wen-Hsi Yang


Observations using the Taipei Basin Broadband Downhole Seismic Network: the December 26, 2006, Pingtung Earthquake Doublet, Taiwan(PT016)


Win-Gee Huang,Bor-Shouh Huang, Kou-Cheng Chen, Chun-Chi Liu, Chin-Ren Lin, Shu-Hjong Tsao, Yu-Chung Hsieh and Chi-Hsuan Chen


Turbidity Currents, Submarine Landslides and 2006 Pingtung Earthquake off SW Taiwan(PT022)


Shu-Kun Hsu, Jackie Kuo, Chung-Liang Lo, Ching-Hui Tsai, Wen-Bin Doo, Chia-Yen Ku and Jean-Claude Sibuet

Supplemental Information

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The guest editors would like to express their gratitude to Prof. Leon Teng and Dr. Willie Lee, who initiated and encouraged documenting this 2006 Pingtung earthquake doublet. We have furthermore to thank Mr. Yung-How Chuang and Prof. Horng-Yuan Yen for their taking care of all the paper work and Ching-Tsai Su, Ching-Ling Tsai and Che-Wei Liao, who provided technical support on the preparation of both the data DVD and the online webpage for this TAO special issue. The publication of this special issue is granted by the Taiwan Earthquake Research Center

(TEC, http://tec.earth.sinica.edu.tw).



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